Born Again by Alfred Lawson

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by Alfred Lawson

Born Again is a utopian novel written by Alfred Lawon and originally published in 1904. It develops the tenets of the philosophy known as Lawsonomy.

In this work, Lawson expounds his ideas and thoughts on a number of subjects ranging from reincarnation, to anti-religion or vegetarianism. The author himself named the set of his ideas and called it Lawsonomy, which had a good number of followers.

It is narrated in a way in which one character is the one who exposes and explains Lawon's ideas to another character. The book was written while the author was a professional baseball player.

"Judging from my own experience it is my opinion that many strange and wonderful events have happened during the past in which man took part, that have never been recorded."

Fiction   Novel

5 hours 5 minutes (61038 words)

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Alfred William Lawson was a professional baseball player, aviator and utopian philosopher. He was a baseball player, manager, and league promoter from...

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