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by Anton Chekhov

Uncle Vanya is a drama written by Anton Chekhov and it was originally published in 1899.

Serebriakov is retired university professor and the story takes place on the farm of Serebriakov's first wife. Serebriakov and his second wife Elena decide to move to the farm.

In the farm were living Sonia, Serebriakov's daughter; Uncle Vanya; a family friend named Teleguin; Vanya's mother named Maria, nanny Marina and a waiter. Everyone led a quiet, hard-working life on the farm.

Serebriakov had written art criticism that uncle Vanya and Maria loved, so Vanya agrees to dedicate her life to managing Serebriakov's estate due to said admiration.

But when Serebriakov and his wife arrive at the farm, Vanya realizes that he is a true failure. This causes Vania great desolation, realizing that he has spent his own life helping his fatuous brother-in-law and, as if that were not enough, he is attracted to Elena.

The main theme of the work narrates about the deterioration of life through the vision of the characters and their respective miseries. Chekhov's description of the characters' feelings of ennui and tedium is masterful.

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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was a Russian playwright and short-story writer who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history...

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What must human beings be, to destroy what they can never create?


A woman can only become a man's friend after having first been his acquaintance and then his beloved—then she becomes his friend.


God alone knows what our real business in life is.

- Astrov


And the existence is tedious, anyway; it is a senseless, dirty business, this life.


Men may forget, but God will remember.

- Marina

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