Authors that begin with D

D. H. Lawrence

David Herbert Lawrence was an English writer and poet. His collected works represent, among other things, an extended reflection upon the dehumanisin... [View more]
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Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was an American writer, primarily known for being one of the forerunners of the self-help and public relations genre... [View more]
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Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe was an English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer and spy. He was really prolific writer and he made several hundreds of works, l... [View more]
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Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri was an Italian poet whose Divine Comedy is widely considered the most important poem of the Middle Ages [View more]
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David Lindsay

David Lindsay was a British author best remembered for the philosophical science fiction novel A Voyage to Arcturus (1920). [View more]
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Dorothy L. Sayers

Dorothy L. Sayers was a British writer whose literary work stands out for her mystery and detective novels. With a very skillful narrative,... [View more]
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Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker was an American poet, writer, critic, and satirist based in New York; she was best known for her wit, wisecracks, and eye for 20th-c... [View more]
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